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Simply put, A brand touchpoint is nothing more than a point of interaction that a customer (or potential customer) has with your brand. Your brand is built on a series of these interactions. And each interaction is an opportunity to strengthen your brand by making sure all the touchpoints are cohesive and say a little something about your company’s values and personality. 

Here are some examples:


A customer sees your logo- boom! A touchpoint.


You talk to a customer on the phone – boom! A touchpoint.


Potential customers listen to you on a podcast – boom! A touchpoint.


And on and on.

Larger corporations can have hundreds of touchpoints. For those of you who have employees, each time one of them interact with a customer that is a touchpoint. It’s insane how many little touchpoints there are that we never even think about and yet they’re all opportunities you can use to strengthen your brand. That’s why I came up with this:


Brand Touchpoint Checklist


Download this checklist and use it to get your juices flowing on all the touchpoints you can use throughout your company. Have some ideas of your own? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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