Dandelion Make & Paint

When Alicia started Dandelion, she came to me looking for not just a designer, but a business partner. Someone to bounce ideas off of and help reel her in if she got off track. Someone to give her honest feedback and help bring her vision to life. 

Dandelion Make & Paint offers art classes for kids and adults as well as art and craft subscription boxes. Alicia was very clear on what she wanted her customers to feel, but she couldn’t quite express it. After an in-depth brand strategy session and a couple follow-ups, we came up with the typical words like “fun” and “creative” but the one that stood out most was “nurturing”. Dandelion wasn’t going to be just another venue to paint for fun, but a place that kids felt welcome and free to express themselves. Arts and crafts with a helping of respect, topped with positive reinforcement and a dash of social skills. 

Starting from a dandelion image she bought on Etsy, we transformed and created her visual brand to fit her new values and strategy. This project is ongoing, and more images will be added as they’re completed.