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The Importance of Creating an Unforgettable Brand Experience

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Imagine this…

Your watch breaks. I don’t know if you wear a watch, but for the sake of this example let’s say you do and it breaks, so you go to buy a new one. 

You decide to go to a department store that specializes in watches. Before you even walk in you’re greeted by a doorman who politely opens the door and welcomes you. As you step inside, the smell of new leather wrist bands floats up your nose and some lights music is playing in the background for ambience. The sotre is vast, modern, and luxurious with dark hard wood floors and posters that mimic high fashion magazine ads of mean and women wearing expensive watches.

Within just a couple seconds you’re greeted by a man in a tailored suit. In a pleasant tone of voice he offers you a drink of sparkling water and asks what you’re looking for today. You tell him you need a new watch and once you get your water he leads you over to a selection of the latest arrivals in your style. The display case is neatly organized so you can easily pick out the ones you’re interested in. You try them on and decide on one which is then neatly placed in a simple, elegant box and into a paper bag along with a warranty and operation booklet. You pay, the bag is handed to you, you are warmly bid adou, and you head home with a new watch and a warm, happy, peaceful feeling from the wonderful experience you just had. 


You go to a bargain store that sells everything (nothing wrong with that, you’re just trying to save a little money). You walk in and immediately notice piles of boxes all over the floor. The shelves are in disarray and it looks like they’re in the middle of stocking. There’s no music playing, only the sound of chattering customers, someone shouting over the intercom system, and a crying baby somewhere in the distance.

As you roam the aisles searching for the jewelry section, you are constantly being blocked by boxes and customers who choose to park their carts right in the middle of the aisle. You see a store clerk but they don’t ask if you need help, they ignore you, so you tak eit upon yourself to ask where the watches are and they reluctantly point you in the right direction.

You finally find the watches but most are for kids, a few are broke, and a few are just ugly. Digging through the mess you finally find one you sort of like and take it to the chekout where you wait 45 minutes in line, the checkout person barely talks to you, and they throw your purchase in a plastic bag. You head home with a new watch and a headache fromt he ordeal you just encountered.


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So what’s the point of these two scenarios?

Everything you just experienced in both of these was part of your brand experience with that particular store (as well as the brands of watches you encountered at each store, but we’ll stick to the stores for now). The way they looked, sounded, and smelled. The clerk’s attentiveness, the way they dressed and talked, the checkout time, and even the shopping bag all influence how the customer feels, how much they’re willing to pay, and whether they’ll be back.

Now, thinking of each scenario, would you pay as much for the watch from store number 2 as you would for the watch from store number 1? Probably not.

Bottom line: people are willing to pay more for a better brand experience.

Not only that but they are more likely to become a repeat customer AND a raving fan, leaving a great review and recommending that brand to their friends.

This particular example was for a watch store but you can create a stellar brand experience no matter what type of business you own. If you have a large company, it’s probably best to hire an experienced brand manager to manage your brand experience.

If you’re an online-only biz, treat your website as your storefront and make sure that it is appealing, easy to navigate, and stress-free the minute users land on it.

Think about your brand from every angle and take steps to ensure your customers have the best experience possible and I guarantee you will reap the rewards!



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